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Eagle Pathway has a number of projects that we utilize in order to provide the best service and care in our area. We would not be able to help without your donations and support. Please consider donating to Eagle Pathway and together we can change lives.   

Current Projects

For Meadows Sake

We partner with local nonprofits to provide drug intervention classes for youth and adults. We go into group homes, schools and business to teach the importance of teaching youth the effects of using drugs.  And provide resources to parents.


Homeless Outreach

We give out free food boxes,hygiene products, clothing, resources and other supplies to youth who have aged-out of foster care, low income single mothers, families with DCS cases and those in crisis or homelessness. We also partner with local groups to  provide hot meals to youth living in shelters and we supply local social workers and school case managers with snacks for those disadvantaged youth who are in need.


Single Mother Support Groups

Each month we host a luncheon for single parents and their children. We have special speakers who talk on topics pertaining to single parenting.

Seasonal Projects

Let It Snow

Each year we host an event to promote foster care awareness and support those who have experienced foster care or homelessness. This is a free family event where you'll enjoy a variety of food vendors, entertainment, free activities, petting zoo, snow slides, face painters and tons of fun. Table activities are sponsored for a $100 donation.

Totes for Teens

All year Eagle Pathway  provides totes with household Items to youth and young moms who are in need. Each tote has items such as dishes, pots, pans, bedding, and other items needed when moving into a home. We also provide scholarships for furniture and other items. Help us by sponsoring a young adult.  A $350 donation will give one youth a complete package of items they need for their home.

Stockings of Love

The excitement in her face is priceless as she opens her Christmas gift from Eagle Pathway's Stockings of Love event. Each year we hold a Christmas dinner and each guest receives a new toy or stocking full of goodies.

In 2018 we helped over 3559 people.

Please help us serve more next year by donating. A $60 donation will sponsor a single mom and one child.

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Coming Soon

tiny 2 homes_edited.png

Tiny Home Community

Eagle Pathway is partnering with local churches, non-profits and organizations to utilize vacant lots, buildings and property and will build tiny home communities for youth to transition to after they age out of foster care. We are currently working with partners to build several low income housing  communities through the valley. We plan to house several youth that are currently being served in Eagle Pathway's Soar Mentoring program. These individuals are currently in the foster care system and are ready to age out. Qualified individuals will be allowed to stay in our first homes up to 6 months to 3 years.   While our other communities will be set up for those we serve to purchase and live permanently.
Please help us by donating today. Each tiny home on a trailer is fully contained and costs us $12,000.00 to build. Sponsorship's are avail.

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